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Hüttenzauber furniture and accessories

Besides the classic seating for interiors we also offer rustic furniture for a complete Hüttenzauber feeling. Many of that can also be set up on a terrace, balcony and a meadow in the garden.

Products for Hüttenzauber furniture and accessories

Hüttenzauber furniture and accessories
Rustic high tables & bar stools

Table: 1.40×0.60×1.05 m
Bar stool: 0.35×0.35×0.75 m

Tip: Combine them with our rustic beer table sets.*

Hüttenzauber furniture and accessories
Beer table set "Rustikal”

Table: 2.20×0.70 m
Bench without backrest: 2.20×0.35 m / standard
Bench with backrest: 2.20×0.55 m / comfort

Hüttenzauber furniture and accessories
Ceiling lamp "Hirschgeweih", large

Diameter: 0.98×0.37 m

Suitable for large tents from 10 m span width.

Hüttenzauber furniture and accessories
Ceiling lamp "Hirschgeweih", small

Diameter: 0.72×0.65 m
Suitable for party tents, pagodas, pavilions.

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