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Our large tents are the perfect partners for exclusive celebrations, cultural occasions and events of all kinds and sizes. With a large tent from Eschenbach, you are ideally equipped for all eventualities as our tailor-made space solutions help you to create the ideal setting for your events.
Furthermore, our large tents are also ideally suited for use in the industrial sector. Whether as a storage facility, roofing, agricultural tent or something similar. Due to the modularity as well as numerous equipment and accessories, our large tents are ideal for versatile use cases.
Our large tents are manufactured from standard systems to special constructions according to the needs of our customers. On request we offer our tents with interior equipment in many different styles. For industrial use, we offer numerous accessories to appropriately equip the hall for any specific purpose.
Select the desired type and colour of covering from our large assortment of tent construction materials in order to make the outside of your large tent individual and functional.
Due to the modular system, the tent can be extended indefinitely in the respective truss spacing.

Technical Dates

span:25,00 m
Eaves height:3,00 / 4,00 m
Ridge height:7,06 / 8,06 m
Truss spacing:5,00 m
Roof pitch:18°
Longest component:10,63 m
Gable division:4 Gable support
weight:11,50 kg/m²
Main profile:270 x 100 x 7 x 4 mm
Corner connection:bolted frame corner
Minimum length:10,00 m
Maximum length:unlimited

Consisting of extrudet, anodized aluminium piping channel profile.
All used iron parts are galvanised, except ground spikes.


Made of coated polyester fabric on both sides, high gloss, transculent, flame resistant (DIN 4102 B1/M2), weight approx. 630g/m². Roof and gable cladding PVC white, roof cladding with piping channel on both sides, hemstitch with expander. Side and gable curtains parted, PVC single-coloured or striped, default colour as required, piping on both sides, gable curtains with rings for curtain rod at the top. Side curtains with piping slide at the top for arranging in piping channel.

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